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Did you know you can buy landscape edging that is permanent? That you can pull up after years in one place and install in another? That does not rust, crack, peel or corrode? UV resistant and retains color? Check out our FiberEdge products from standard to designer! Black, Brown, Green and Woodgrain!

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Did you know that it is essential to have honey bees when you have a garden?  If you plant cucumbers or any other flowering vegetable or fruit it must be pollinated to grow the fruit.  So, how do you draw attention to the garden for these sweet little bees?

Answer:  You need flowers that they like!

Here are a few in order of preference that should bring them running to your garden:  1.  Rose Moss.  This is hardy succulent that has beautiful multi-colored ‘moss’ roses that open in the sunlight and close at night!  This has been a fool proof way to attract these little honey bees to the garden in Texas.  Plant them right in the midst and wait a day or so and you will receive honey bee visitors!

2.  Petunias.  These will grow in partial shade and light or bright sun and will bring all sorts of lovely visitors besides the bees!  It will bring hummingbirds!