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Stronger Than Steel
Maintenance Free
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What We Offer
We offer design services to produce products that fit your needs. For example, our utility truck body parts are designed to meet the needs of the utility truck companies and their services. F&F provides consultations and ideas for products to its business customers and improves some already existing products by tooling them with pultruded fiberglass. For example, take a look at the highway markers with reflectors; you may be seeing our pultruded fiberglass, flexible parts that make these markers almost indestructible. What about RV skins? Those were designed by our key engineer over 30 years ago. If we can help you with your design possibilities, just give us a call.


We take pride in our work, providing Fiberfence in custom and standard fence designs that look good and are outstanding in their performance.  With lifetime warranty and non-corrosive, non-conductive, weather proof and stronger than steel, these fences will stand the test of time!  Only the best materials are used and our  workmanship is second to none.

Why Choose Us
We are the few companies in the United States that produce pultruded fiberglass products. It is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of many products such as Fiberfence®, FiberEdge® and ElectroEdge®, among many others. We are a full service fiberglass pultrusion manufacturing company providing products nationally and worldwide to the utility trucking, highway department and landscape industries for approximately fourteen years. The engineers, technicians, inventors that are busy designing and producing these products have over 40 years experience in bringing you, the public, and quality pultruded fiberglass merchandise. Our key engineer and inventor is a former department head for the fiberglass division of British Petroleum and are known throughout the world for his ability to design not only the pultrusion products, but the machinery that makes them.
Custom Fiberfence

Fiberfence is offered in standard and custom configurations. Present your strategies and models and we will work to provide you a Fiberfence custom fence. Any height, any color, subject to engineering approval.

Customer first approach

We'll make sure we communicate with you throughout the job to ensure your needs are met and you are left with a finished product that you're 100% satisfied with.

Great reputation

Our customer, first approach has led to us developing an excellent reputation in the area with both homeowners and businesses. Company owner will be on site at all time fitting your fence.

Why Choose Us

Fiberfence is being used by major cities and institutions nationwide, including the U.S. Navy, U.S Airforce, FAA, Municipalities and others.

Our Projects

Green Garden Scapes is the place to go for totally green, sustainable, pultruded fiberglass  products.  All are manufactured by F&F Composite Group, Inc.

What Our Client Says

Thank you for the excellent job on Fire Station 39. Fiberfence has all the utility and features that we look for in a durable fence. It’s maintenance free, pleasing to the eye, has a lifetime warranty and utilizes our City Funds in an efficient way.

City of Fort Worth, TX
City of Fort Worth, TX

The Fiberfence we purchased for the KONA International Airport VOR project is a great product! The fence doesn’t interfere with electronic signals, lightweight, easy to install, will not deteriorate, requires no painting, great for use in a tropical environment, and the cost is reasonable.

Federal Aviation Agency
Federal Aviation Agency

Fiberfence is a wonderful maintenance free product we highly recommend, and F&F has been great to work with on our large-scale projects. Fiberfence is a dollar saving solution for our customers. It saves company and tax payer money and that counts.

Prime Construction
Prime Construction